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The Canada Cup is the perfect opportunity for your team to play three highly competitive pre-season games. It is also designed to help promote Canadian talent to Canadian soccer programs. Included in this event is the opportunity for the U16 teams to tour and meet with the Carleton University and University of Ottawa Soccer Programs, ( tours booked individually by teams) along with other programs being represented as scouts observing the games.

Each group will only host a maximum of 6 teams per gender and age to ensure that the event involves top teams from across Ontario and Quebec. 
All games will be played on premium artificial turf fields.  Each team will play 3 games ( No Playoffs )

Tournament Format
Age Division                Age Eligibility            Format        Match Length            
U13 Boys & Girls Born in 2006 or later       11v 11           2 x 35 minute halves      
U14 Boys & GirlsBorn in 2005 or later11v112 x 35 minute halves
U15 Boys & GirlsBorn in 2004 or later11v112 x 35 minute halves
U16 / U17 Boys & GirlsBorn in 2003/02 or later11v112 x 35 minute halves

Event Schedule
Day / Date                     Activity       Times                   Location               
Friday, April 26th    
Team Registation
Mandatory for all teams  
6:00pm-8:00pm TBD
Saturday,April 27th Games8:00am-8:00pmAll Fields
Sunday, April 28th Games8:00am-6:00pmAll Fields


During this event there is the opportunity for the U16 teams to tour and meet with the Carleton University and University of Ottawa Soccer Program. Tours booked by the teams directly with the universities.


Please see below information on how to book your tour.



University of Ottawa


The teams should directly book campus group tours for Saturday at 11am to increase chances of visiting campus dorm rooms. Campus group tours can be arranged at a different day/time, but  access to dorm rooms are not guaranteed.




Carleton University


Campus tours are booked (no charge) through the University directly. Tours will cover a tour of athletic facilities and share in detail about both men's and women's programs as well as a tour of the academic buildings and residence. 



Soccer Operations Men's and Women's Program 
Carleton University 

613-520-4480 ext.1299

We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa this April!


Entry Fee: $750 


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